Every project is unique

I research, analyze, visualize, generate ideas, sketch, detail, prototype.


A big part of my work consists on uncovering end-users’ behaviors, needs and motivation as well as business’ drivers. For this, I apply design research techniques that can be mixed and tailored to the design challenge, context, and stage of project.

Overall, I am an advocate for conducting research throughout the design process; from uncovering needs and identifying potential opportunities, to validating decisions and testing concepts and prototypes.

Some of the methods I frequently use are:

  • In-context observations
  • Interviews
  • Diary studies
  • Generative group sessions
  • Stakeholder workshops
  • Guerrilla research
  • Usability testing
  • Card sorting
  • Role play
  • Designing the product box
  • TV pitch
  • and more…

Analyse findings and Map the big picture

Conducting research through any method results in great amount of data. A key aspect of my work is to find patterns and identify opportunities that match business and user value.

To avoid losing insights within reports and powerpoint presentations, I turn to illustration and storytelling; by creating journey-maps, personas, storyboards and design principles I can better communicate findings to those involved with turning opportunities into actionable ideas.

Ideate and design

To me, research insights are a great source of inspiration for generating solution ideas. Weather designing a product or service, the first rule during ideation is that every idea is a good idea. Later on, ideas can be combined, clustered, confronted against limitations, etc, in order to identify the ones with high potential.

From there, one can start designing the details of the experience using sketches and mockups. Depending on the project, design deliverables vary between scenarios or service blueprints to user flows, wireframes or even clickable prototypes for digital products.

Detailed design implies working with other teams such as developers or strategists. I focus on making sure that the key research findings and the big picture don’t get lost in translation between different disciplines.

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