FJORD: Promoting engagement with digital services

How to design digital services that promote the user's long-term engagement?


Project with
London – 2013

Today, service providers make their way into the digital space, there is a growing amount of offers that results in hyper-competition. Providers struggle with sustaining their business on the long-term because users can move from one offer to the other. Eventually, this reduces the user’s loyalty towards the service brand.

Design is a source of new ideas that could help providers innovate to differentiate amongst similar service offers in order to attract and retain users. Fjord is in the search of ways to design aiming for user retention and has directed its efforts towards designing services that users “fall in love with”. My thesis project consisted on developing strategies for Fjord to design services that users will love, in order to engage and retain them. 

Being part of Fjord I was able to understand the  organization and encountered three components for new strategies:  1. Human behavior as inspiration:  how do two people fall in love with each other? and how could this behavior be stimulated by a digital service? 2. Digital Design: How to use Fjord’s expertise on design as an advantage? 3. Client involvement: How to maintain strong client relationships while creating a “user-centered” service?

With this I created the concept of Lovable Service, which are offers that gather the characteristics for users to fall in love with. I detailed a set of steps to design those particular offers and created several tools to support the design process. Additionally, I suggested a strategy to implement the suggested changes and further impulse Fjord into Service Design. Finally, I conducted a case study to re-shape an existing health tracking service as a lovable offer.

This was my graduation Thesis: MSc. Design for Interaction. The details of this project are confidential, you can click here for a quick view on the presentation.

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