Focus – concept: enhance your productivity


Amsterdam, NL – 2015

Nowadays we are bombarded with information throughout the day. We have the need to be connected and up-to-date at all times while feeling overwhelmed with the amount of information. Prioritising and filtering the information while making sure that we “don’t miss out” has become increasingly difficult. To stay connected we shuffle between devices. However, once we are at work some of these devices become redundant or distracting.

Focus is a service concept that allows prioritising the information from multiple feeds while enhancing focus time during work hours. Using an algorithm the service would determine which information is relevant throughout different times of the day. It is connected to the user’s agenda and contacts and it gathers input through both usage as well as explicit user feedback in order to improve the selection of information.

For better time management, the user can set in the agenda the type of event based on four categories: “Personal”, “Focus”, “Meeting”, “Break”; each event type can be rated on priority.This allows the algorithm to have direct feedback regarding when to push notifications and of which kind. Additionally, the service groups notifications based on the type: Email, Calendar Events, Social, Weather, Traffic, etc. These notifications are pushed based on the calendar and location information.
Focus - Calendar Input


Moreover, the service includes an ambient mode which encourages users to focus during work time. Notifications are only displayed on the screen once the user picks up the device.  The user can re-set priority on events or notifications by swiping left, which serves as explicit feedback for the algorithm on future alerts. 

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