MRI Experience – App Concept

An App to improve the experience of children undergoing Magnetic Resonance Imaging - MRI

Individual project
Delf, NL

The MRI preparation booklet  was designed to reduce the anxiety of children undergoing an MRI; it encouraged children to lear about the procedure, pack familiar items that would comfort them and express their fears and concerns. The day of the MRI, the booklet could be taken to the hospital so doctors and nurses could give better care to each child.

The initial idea of a tangible booklet encourages interaction and ownership, as it is a physical object that they can prepare with. On the other hand, this would imply logistics to make sure parent and children would get the material. I then translated the concept to an Ipad application that that parents can download and children can interact with. I used Adobe Illustrator and Prototyper to make the visuals and wireframes.

The application is structured into three sections: 1) Discover: where children and parent can learn about the procedure. 2) Prepare: where they are encouraged to create their MRI PASS, which consists on expressing their concerns and packing along familiar items. 3) Parents: extra links for parents to read more about an MRI.

User Flow of the App: How do you want your MRI to be?

User Flow of the App: How do you want your MRI to be?

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