Service Designer & UX Researcher at Essense

Working as part of the team of Essense Service Design

Working at
Essense Service Design
Amsterdam, NL
Oct’15 – Nov’16

As part of the Essense team I work together with different clients to design service experiences.
Details of these projects are confidential but this is an overview of my work:

  • Philips Design: Part of the Co-create team where we ideate & detail new product/service concepts for healthcare by means of research, workshops and design sessions.
  • Vodafone: Re-designing the service journey for contract renewal & device maintenance with a focus on the multi-channel experience. The project consisted on conducting in-context interviews to uncover customer needs, analysing findings, turning insights into design principles & opportunities, mapping the service journey and detailing key service elements.

My main tasks include:

  • Planning and conducting qualitative research sessions with users and stakeholders
  • Preparing and facilitating workshops with business, technology and users
  • Analysing research findings and translating them into frameworks and principles to be used across the organization.
  • Mapping service journeys and scenarios
  • Identifying opportunity gaps and ideating new service strategies
  • Developing and testing product/service concepts by means of storyboards, role playing, paper prototypes, mockups, etc.
  • Amongst others.


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